Thursday, 29 October 2009

Buzzy Friends Gettin' Jiggy

The Kansas Entomological Society released a study paper in their January journal of this year about some very curious activity of worker bees in Thailand. There are three species of bees, (Lisotrigona cacciae, L. furva and Pariotrigona klossi) who have all taken to the activity of imbibing on human tears. Is it me or odd that the species, klossi, also rearranged spells KISS LO! There is something sweet about bees, kisses and tears, or am I being Freudian in some kind of weird way. I mean bees having it on with humans and somehow trying to relate to us on some emotional level.

It seems our buzzy friends haven taken to landing on the bottom eyelid of unsuspecting park sleepers, sun snoozers and tourists to get their daily dose of protein, or at least that is why the experts think the bees have taken to this curious exploit. Unknown to us, the eyes secrete tears from our eye ducts and our buzzy friends are on to this free nutritious meal.

Our buzzy friends have actually made quite a lot of the high brow news in the past two years with talk of bees playing a very fundamental role in the environmental balance of life in general on planet earth. The gist being, if our buzzy friends start showing signs of changes in habitat or behavior - be afraid - be very afraid. Our buzzy friends are in fact one of the critical building and social blocks in the planet's ecological system.

So if you are in Thailand or anywhere else for that matter, and one of our buzzy friends appears on your bottom eye lid as you are engaging in a deep, tired and emotional moment with your partner in the park, (or if you are a man and it's just that there's something in your eye!), then, fear not, take these careful steps.

1. Tell the bee, you like Al Gore, but you're just not sure about the whole 'Inconvenient Truth' thing.

2. You've never sat through a whole Discovery TV documentary on bees or wasps because 'she' wanted to watch X-Factor or Desperate Housewives on another channel.

3. Encourage the buzzy friend to step away from your eye lid, return to the lovely yellow and pink flowers that God created for them, or else you'll start charging him rent if he takes up residence and keeps sucking on the sweet stuff.

My appreciation to BoingBoing for this news article.

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