Tuesday, 13 October 2020

All Things Grow: A Poem



I fell in love with a girl and a place

And my heart opened wide like never before

But all that is precious, yet fragile, soon breaks

Just as all waters eventually run to the sea

Bathe with me, believe in me

Hold me close to all things sacred and tender

Run with me, walk with me, fall with me

Breathe with me, love with me, cry with me

Curse me, if you will

I grasp the punishment of learning as if it were a thorn

And the blood from my hand pours out

But all that is green and fresh is drowned in red

Just as the life is sucked from me

All things grow, all things grow

We kept our hearts in jars by the window

The two together, looking out on a beautiful dawn

We kept our souls in our shoes

And we walked the imaginary steps to Cyprus

I drove a journey to your heart every day

And the miles alone would have taken me to Cyprus and back

But I had you and would never have fallen for the allure of Aphrodite

Just as you never wanted to fall upon my failings

All things grow, all things grow

We kept our fears out the back with the cat and the stars

The fur and the heavens ruminating on our future

While I got drunk on beer and you on warm chocolate

We talked with words that were quiet and delicate

Dream with me, discover with me

Hold your forehead against mine as if I might know your thoughts

A dream, a memory, a moment, a touch, a kiss, a cry

I will hold and cherish them all

While crazy pools of water mock me

I drive forward on my journey now

Not to reach a point of destination or respite

But that I might find a freedom…

…a freedom from myself and nothing else

All things grow, all things grow

I kept my heart and placed it safely away

In a box, in a corner, in the darkness

I never kept safe my soul to truly see

The day when I had learned from my mistakes

All things grow, all things grow...

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