I'm an author, editor, researcher, journalist and broadcaster. I do other mundane stuff like going to the shops, staying up too late, cooking curries, looking after two cats and being a tiresome husband who just won't put on his glasses when he is looking at something.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland (Walkinstown), in 1968. The (Walkinstown) is there because I just know when I'm dead and buried (or cremated - I'm struggling with that), someone on social media is going to argue that I was born in Crumlin or Drimnagh, Dublin. So, let's just get that sorted now.

I've been writing for more than forty years. That makes me feel old, but I've been a writer ever since I was ten years of age. There were other distractions along the way like Lego, engineering and planes, motor racing, and a desperate need to master the guitar or keyboard - all of which I could never find a full time job with.

I've published a good few books. I stopped counting after six and those books include several novels and non-fiction books. Some of you might know me from the ones I've published on the aspect of writing and the publishing industry, as well as multiple articles I've written for national and international magazines and news outlets.

Funny, no one remembers me for my novels and poetry. Sad. I must try harder!

A few shout-outs... I've written many informative and illuminating articles in print and online: Writers' ForumSelf-Publishing Magazine UK and Publetariat, about the changing and complex world of the publishing industry. Hey-ho, I was even featured in the Irish Times "The Irish players at the forefront of new publishing" in 2015. Maybe that's where it all went wrong!

Seems like an eternity ago!

Almost forgot, ... in 2010, I published To Self-Publishing or Not to Self-Publish with Troubador Publishing UK, and I followed this book up with another guide, Choosing A Self-Publishing Provider, published by ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors).

I am still editor and researcher at The Independent Publishing Magazine and a former editor and content strategist of TAUS Review, a publication for the global translation industry (great experience).

I got fed up with a lot of that. Honest... stuff happens. I felt a reinvention was in order.

I broadcast as an interviewer on Radio Espial covering various issues in the media and aviation industries.

Though born in Ireland, I now live in the Netherlands. It's not an escape or holiday... it's my home, and has been for more than ten years.