Can one boy be guided by knowledge alone on a path of discovery?

The Memory of Trees is the story of Carlos, a shepherd boy, who travels from his beautiful home of Cyprus, following in the footsteps of Saint Paul, into the Middle East and along the road to Damascus. Carlos is a young island boy, bright, thoughtful and passionate, brought up on the traditions of his village elders. Experiencing unbearable loss and exile, he sets out on a journey of knowledge and adventure, embracing the spiritual wisdom of the trees and a quest to explore the path his mysterious uncle once took into the Middle East.

This is a parable about listening to the voices in our hearts, seeking our truths, no matter how lost we are. It is about daring to allow ourselves to be guided along a path filled with pain, loss, love and passion and the inevitable choices we must all face.

Academy is an extraordinary journey into fiction, surrealism, and some of the greatest artist and innovators of the past. Leonardo Buonarroti works as a clerk for the region's Academy. The Academy is an all-controlling, totalitarian government ruling in every aspect of a citizen's life. Set against a snow-covered, post-war, apocalyptic landscape, this Orwellian novel sets an austere atmosphere of unease throughout, merging surrealism and historical documentary. It weaves a complex and fragmented journey, from the Great Siberian Explosion of 1908, to the lives of artists and innventors, including, da Vinci, Von Zeppelin and the Russian explorer, Kulik. On his journey from the Academy to the Underground, Leonardo discovers the lies and truths in his own life.

Filigree & Shadow is a journey and a quest into the imagination and the soul. It is a picture painted on a canvas and explored with every perception and sensation. You will be challenged to stand close to the canvas and see the minutest crack of paint, or cast an eye from afar at earthly and unearthly worlds. In Arcadia, we are the astronomer and evolutionist; in The Eternal, we will move unnervingly like a spiritual psychic between the world of the living and the dead; in The Spiraling of Winter Ghosts and Tisima, Tisima, we will stretch our fingers into a ghostly web of dream and childhood; in A Time, that Time and Hybrid, we journey into the landscapes of myth, fairytale and folklore; in Thais, we are at the mercy of our persecutors and the ravages of history and mankind. For the first time in one volume, Mick Rooney's prose is brought together in a fascinating exhibition of cruelty and beauty. Step inside...

Thais is perhaps one of Mick Rooney's most powerful and poignant books and is the one he is most often requested to read from at public readings. It combines the common poetic fairytale and stark historical themes which appear in much of his fictional work. Thais was written after the author had read Marco Nahon's moving book, 'Birkenau, The Camp of Death' and also after he watched Claude Lanzmann's extraordinary holocaust film, 'Shoah'. In Thais, we are at the mercy of our persecutors and the ravages of history and childhood fairytales. Written in two distinct parts, Thais is a cinematic journey of two worlds colliding unforgettably against a landscape of cruelty and beauty.